Hand Motions for Sentence Structure

Use hand motions to demonstrate the 4 Sentence Structure types. I found this idea on you-tube and adapted it a bit.  I love the way using your hands you can show the relationship between clauses and how they form sentences. Simple Sentence– an independent clause with a subject and a verb. (Hold up one hand […]

Homeschool Music

homeschool music Classical Conversations Fine Arts Tin Whistle

Classical Conversations Fine Arts Tin Whistle Ideas:         Traditional Irish Tin Whistle Songs Music Theory in the Tin Whistle section of Fine Arts  

Homeschool Math

Some links to fun math helps.

Classical Conversations Fine Arts

Some links to helps for our Fine Arts section of Classical Conversations Foundations. 6 Ways to Create the Illusion of Space

Planning Classical Conversations at Home

Classical Conversations at Home Schedule

Planning a day of Classical Conversations at home is not difficult….. You’ve heard the term “stick in the sand” right? Well this is my planned stick in the sand. While using this checklist phrases like “is there anything else?” or “are we done yet?” were used far less times.  Kids like to know what is […]

Homeschool Geography, States and Capitals

Homeschool Geography, Learn the States and Capitals. Here is an article on a way to break down the map into sections. You then look at each section and find “shapes” or images. Kind of like finding shapes in the clouds, only you are using the map shapes. Draw each shape on your own sheet of […]

John 1:1-7 Memory Work Song

Classical Conversations Cycle 3 John 1:1-7 Memory Work       And here it is in LATIN! (I’m impressed)

Classical Conversations Cycle 3 Science Helps

This is where I’ll store helpful information for Classical Conversations Cycle 3 Science Loosely organized!  I’ll just be gathering things here as I find them and organizing as I go.  Hope this is helpful!   Week 16-18 Fun song for Memorizing the Elements of the Periodic Table. by daveannaful’s channel on YouTube

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